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Episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, entitled "Laura," aired on Sunday, May 14th. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the full episode on with cable/dish sign-in.

To find out the many other ways you can watch the episode, click the "Where to Watch" button at the link above.

Episode 6 airs next Sunday, May 20th. Watch the trailer below:



Vanity Fair just published an article, "Inside Fear the Walking Dead’s Epic New Love Story," on May 13, 2018, about the Fear the Walking Dead episode that aired this past Sunday entitled "Laura."

If you haven't watched the episode yet, you should probably watch it before reading this article, as it has spoilers in it.

Read the article at

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Jenna sat down with Chris Hardwick on AMC's Talking Dead this past Sunday, March 14th, which airs live every week immediately after The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. The show features a recap of the last episode, talking with actors & producers, & taking questions & comments from viewers.

Go to to watch the full episode of Talking Dead with Jenna. 

Jenna on Conan 5/3/18

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'Fear the Walking Dead' on AMC

Jenna is A Series Regular for Season 4

Jenna has joined the cast of Fear the Walking Dead as a series regular for its fourth season, which premiered on AMC on April 15th.

Fear of the Walking Deada prequel to AMC's popular The Walking Dead, marks the sign that the apocalypse has begun.

Jenna's character "Naomi" was introduced during the second episode of the fourth season. Watch it here with sign-in.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays 9/8C on AMC.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD - Oil Tank Full of Water & Walkers - Behind the Scenes Ep. 402

Watch interview and behind the scenes footage of Jenna from the episode of Fear the Walking Dead in which her character Naomi is introduced.


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