Jenna's Recent TV Appearances

Jenna appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and Extra on Tuesday, March 4th, and the TODAY show on February 25th.  If you missed any of these interviews, you can view them online now via the links below:

EXTRA (3/4/14)

 Jenna Elfman on Her Return to Primetime with 'Growing Up Fisher'

RACHAEL RAY (3/4/14)

 Jenna Elfman's Secrets to a Successful Marriage/Jenna Elfman's New Show

Jenna Elfman Plays 'What Am I Touching'?/Jenna Elfman Strokes a Stingray/Jenna Elfman's New Slithering Friend

TODAY (2/25/14)

Jenna Elfman talks chemistry in ‘Growing Up Fisher’ 

Jenna Elfman: ‘Growing Up Fisher’ role ‘fun to play’